Beeswax Bloom Scented Taper Candles

$ 9.95

Brighten your home with these fine 100% pure beeswax scented taper candles. These high quality tapers come in cinnamon and bayberry scents, perfect for any holiday home decor. Each taper has a rich aroma and a long and pure burn time. 

Bloom, the white film that develops on these tapers as seen in the photos, is naturally occurring and is a respected sign of high quality pure beeswax. A candle with a full bloom will shimmer in the light like it is coated in crystals. If you prefer your candles to have a smooth slick appearance, simply buff or whip your beeswax candle and the bloom will be removed. 

These fine beeswax tapers are sold individually. The holders pictured are sold separately and can be found here!

Wax Type: Beeswax

Burn Time: 12 - 13 Hours

Dimensions: 7/8 diameter X 12 inches tall