Beeswax Bloom Taper Candle - Pair

$ 8.95

These beeswax bloom taper candles are some of our finest with their vibrant colors and long pure burn. These fine beeswax taper candles, are sold as a pair and come in a variety of beautiful colors.  

Bloom, the white film that develops on these tapers as seen in the photos, is naturally occurring and is a respected sign of high quality pure beeswax. A candle with a full bloom will shimmer in the light like it is coated in crystals. If you prefer your candles to have a smooth slick appearance, simply buff or whip your beeswax candle and the bloom will be removed. 

Wax Type: Beeswax

Dimensions: 7/8 diameter X 6 inches tall, 7/8 diameter X 10 inches tall, 7/8 diameter X 12 inches tall