Pottery Circle Of Friends Tea Light Candle Holder

$ 17.00

Spread love, light and warmth in your home decor with these handmade pottery circle of friends tea light candle holders finished in a South Western terracotta style. Being handmade, no two holders are identical making your circle of friends truly unique. At the center of the circle of small standing figurines is a single tea light candle holder. Give this tea light candle holder to any loved one as a way to symbolize the strength, light and warmth your relationship with them is filled with. These holders are available in multiple sizes. 

Circle of friends photographed may differ from the circle of friends received due to the handmade nature of these products. Coloration and antiqued finish may change depending on the batch on hand. 

Material: Pottery


Small with 6 Friends: 5 diameter X 3 inches tall 

Medium with 4 Friends: 5 diameter X 4.5 inches tall 

Large with 7 Friends: 7.5 diameter X 5 inches tall 

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