Crystal Mushrooms

$ 12.95

Adorable mini mushroom crystals available in various styles and sizes.

0White Onyx Mushroom -  White Onyx is a stone of inner strength. It is good for centering one’s personal energy and allows access to higher spiritual guidance and wisdom. It is considered as one of the precious crystals that opens the heart to nurturing qualities as well as assisting in the acceptance of love. Our gorgeous, hand carved, White Onyx Turtle Mushroom with Red Top is makes a lovely addition to uplift décor of any space.

Trolleite Mushroom - The beautiful Trolleite, hand carved in shape of a mushroom, makes a collector’s item for avid crystal lovers and a unique home decor item. Trolleite is a crystal of powerful manifestation that attracts based on desires. It activates and works with all energy centers and is a perfect tool for healing because it opens a divine connection to increase metaphysical and spiritual powers. It strengthens intuition, cleans up emotional and mental clutter, and opens the passage to enlightenment. Excellent for light workers and healers. Ideal for meditation spaces, Reiki and Healing practices

Golden Healer Mushroom - This crystal, with its potent healing and stabilizing properties, radiates sun and light energy to all chakras, thus providing a path of enlightenment for higher self-connection, soul alignment and spiritual expansion. It also protects against toxic behaviors and negative emotions that aids in improving overall wellness. Ideal for meditation and other healing practices. Stunning decor item and precious gift for crystal lovers. The Golden Healer Quartz Point is undoubtedly a premium quality, ultra-high vibrational, self-empowerment quartz crystal for all crystal healing needs.

Smoky Quartz - Smoky Quartz is known to promote calmness and ward off all negativities. Being associated with the Root chakra, it is an excellent meditation stone to enhance focus and promote a deep connection with one’s inner self. With its intense healing and meta-physical properties, it has distinct and powerful vibrations that bring abundance, prosperity and good luck. The Smoky Quartz Mushroom makes a lovely decor item. Easy to carry in bag or pocket for protection and makes a perfect gift for crystal collectors.

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