Himalayan Spice Pot Scented Jar Candle - 42 Ounces

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Add some warmth to your home décor with these beautiful mango wood spice pot scented jar candles. These scented candles come in a beautiful mango wood container and are topped with a hinged sliding lid.  Perfect addition to any home.


  • Bourbon Vanilla - Madagascar vanilla beans laced with a hint of malt, whiskey, and amber
  • Evergreen - Crisp winter air, aromatic fir trees, and sandalwood
  • Grapefruit Pine - Grapefruit pine, plum, Siberia fir, musk and sandalwood
  • Ginger Patchouli - Spicy ginger, grapefruit, earthy patchouli, musk and sandalwood
  •  Wood Smoke - Sweet acrid smoke, amber, and fresh cut wood
  • Tobacco Bark - Dark rum, incense, sweet woody tobacco, citrus, clove and vanilla

Burn Time: 110 Hours

Wax Type: Soy

Materials: Mango Wood and Soy Wax 

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