Illume Scented Glass Jar Candle - 8.5 ounce

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Fill your home with a new aroma with one of these rich scented 100% pure soy wax jar candles that will burn long, bright and clean. These scented jar candles come in clear glass jars with decorated white screw on lids. Available scents include cider woods, rustic pumpkin and copper leaves. 

Cider Woods: Anjou pear, apple and oak moss

Copper Leaves: Roasted chestnuts, cinnamon and coconut

Rustic Pumpkin: Spice, cinnamon and vanilla

Material: Soy, glass and metal

Dimensions: 3 diameter X 3 inches tall 

woods - 644911966224     leaves - 644911966217   pumpkin - 644911966200

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