Paddywax Persona Scented Jar Candle Collection

$ 24.95
$ 20.95

Fill your home with wonderful aromas with these Adorable ceramic paddywax persona scented jar candles.  Each style has its own unique face and personality trails and are adorned with a hat to hold incense cones or strike anywhere matches. 

Styles -

Ramona (Wisteria & Willow) - The gentle soul- often lies in the grass to watch the clouds roll by, still reads the newspaper and smiles at kittens.

Francesco (amber & smoke) - The romantic - enjoys cigars while the sun sets, prefers sailboats over cars, sends postcards to an old flame.

Cleo (eucalyptus & santal) - The faithful friend - classically trained but grooves to r&b, wears silk night and day, and always has a witty joke up the sleeve.

    These candles are designed with upcycling in mind so reuse your jar after burning the candle. After you have burned your candle, freeze the jar overnight to remove the wax and wick. Perfect for storing small house hold items, or can be used as a planter.

    Wax Type: Soy Wax

    Wick Type: Cotton

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