Postcard Scented Tin Candle

$ 24.00

Add a vintage touch to your home with these pure scented soy wax candles that come in a tin container with an antique postcard wrapped around the outside. Each of these scented soy wax candles will have a long, pure and rich scented burn. These scented soy wax candles come in scents of Sandalwood East India Postcard Tin, Honeysuckle Rose Postcard, and Ancient Philosophy Owl Post Card. Give one of these delightfully scented candles as a birthday, anniversary or house warming gift. 


Sandalwood East India Postcard Scent- Essence of sandalwood oil, bergamot and juniper.

Honeysuckle Vintage Rose Postcard Scent- Gardenia, ginger lilies and late spring honeysuckle blossoms – jasmine, clove, ylangylang ~ ~ Quote: "Long be my hearth, with such memories fill'd!  Like a vase in which roses have once been distilled.  You may break, you may shatter the vase if you will, but the scent of the roses will hang around it still." 

Ancient Philosophy Owl Postcard Scent- Orange tea, clove, patchouli ~ ~ Quote: "You can't stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you; you have to go them sometimes" Winnie the Pooh

Wax Type: Soy

Burn Time:  50 hours burn

Dimensions: 2.5 diameter X 3 inches tall


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