PyroPet Candles

$ 29.95

Each pyropet candle is sculpted into the shape of a geometric animal. Inside each animal candle is a surprise! As these unique geometric animal candles burn down they will reveal a silver skeleton. Each animal has its own unique metal skeleton that will remain after all of the wax has melted and dripped away. Pyropet candles are available in bird, cat, rabbit and reindeer shapes as well as a variety of colors. These spooky animals are perfect as a unique gift for the holidays or other special occasion. 

While burning your pyropet candle be sure to place it onto a candle tray or plate. The wax will drip and pool at the feet of the candle. The skeleton reveal is a long and warm process as each candle has a long burn time. 

You can find all of our candle trays perfect for burning your pyropet here!


Bird: 2.8L X 2.2W X 3.5H inches

Cat: 4.5L X 2.9W X 6.7H inches

Owl: 4L X 3.5W X 2.5H inches

Rabbit: 3L X 2W X 7H inches 

Reindeer: 4.5L X 2W X 8.7H inches

Burn Time:

Bird: 6 Hours

Cat: 10 Hours

Owl: 15-30 Hours

Rabbit: 16 Hours

Reindeer: 22 Hours