Sand Footprint Pillar Candle

$ 21.95

These pillar candles are all made using natural sand gathered from a high mesa in New Mexico. Each pillar candle is handmade making each unique. On the outer sand coating is the cutout of a footprint. 

The sand surrounding the wax will never break away. When burning these pillar candles for the first time do not allow the melted wax pool to reach to the outer sand design. Burning the wax well to the outer sand design will cause the wax to spill out the cutout design as it burns. Instead, stop the candle from burning when you are about a half inch from the outer sand design. This will create a well of wax for the candle to continue burning down. As the candle burns down this well, the wax will glow through the cutout foot design. 

Material: Sand

Dimensions: 3 diameter X 6 inches tall 

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