Spirit Trading Company Scented Jar Candles

$ 28.00

Handmade by a wonderful candle maker here in the Hudson Valley- Spirit Treading Company.

Scents Available -

Abundance - Infused with the delicious, uplifting scent of orchid + sea salt and energized with unstoppable power of Citrine known as the “Merchant's stone” and stone of prosperity. 

Rejuvenate - The aroma of Palo Santo is a warm, woodsy scent with notes of vanilla that keeps the energy balanced and clear. Celestite invites us to connect with our angels and Spirit guides and channel higher minded thinking amidst times of stress and uncertainty. 

Strength - Created on the New Moon to maximize its energy, this candle emanates a spice Indian sandalwood scent, which warms, grounds and energizes the Spirit of any home or office. Infused with green aventurine to imbibe an energy of protection and prosperity to one's life path. This powerful talisman reinforces leadership qualities and standing tall with the strength needed to keep moving forward despite whatever we may be facing.

Dream - Created on the New Moon with clear ritual intent, the honeysucke and vanilla scent is sweet, yet grounded in warmth. Infused with green aventurine to infuse an energy of prosperity and possibility to one's life path. It reinforces leadership qualities and standing tall with the strength and energy one needs to keep moving forward to bring their Dreams to Reality.

Illuminate - Infused with the spicy and sultry scent of red ginger paired with saffron and energized with the life-force, vitality inspiring carnelian known as the stone that supports individuality, courage and creativity. 

Compassion - This candle was crafted with a purity of heart at its center. A warm hug for ourselves or anyone we love. Infused with the festive scent of Wassail and energized with unstoppable power of Rose Quartz known as the “Love stone” that permeates warmth and affection in all its forms.

Rebirth - Infused with a sultry scent of nag champa and patchouli energized with a powerful GOLDSTONE talisman to help one to attain their goals with less effort. It calms and strengthens Spirit while stabilizing emotions.

Beloved - Reinforces the love energy with rose quartz paired with a subtle rosewood and musk aroma.