Square Wood Love Note Framed Wall Quotes

$ 7.50

Show your loved ones how much they mean to you with these adorable love note framed wall quotes. Each individual quote has its own unique picture to go with it and is placed in a black distressed wood frame. Buy them as a set or individually and decorate your walls with their adorable design and sayings. These framed signs are perfect for nurseries, baby shower gifts, child rooms or as a whimsical touch to any living room or bedroom.


  • Clock - "Time with you is time well spent"
  • Umbrella - "I'll always be there for you"
  • Space Ship - "I love you to the moon and back"
  • Ants & Sugar Spoon - "You are the sweetest" 
  • Flowers & Bees - "I love to bee with you"
  • Beets - "You make my heart beet"
  • Bicycle - "I'll ride anywhere with you"
  • Bucket - "You are my bucket list"
  • Hanger - "I love hanging with you"
  • Jam Jar - "You and I are the jam"
  • Key - "You are the key to my heart"
  • Scale - "Our love can't be measured"

Dimensions: 4L X 4W inches

Materials: Wood




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