Terra Essential Glass Soy Wax Scented Jar Candle - 12 ounces

$ 22.95

Fill your home with a wonderful refreshing aroma with these Terra Essentail 12 ounce scented soy wax candles. Each of these candles is poured into a small glass jar and topped with a wooden lid. At the top of each candle, embedded in the wax, is a small gemstone that reflects the color and message of the candle. Made of soy wax and a blend of essential oils, these candles will have a long, pure and clean burn.

These candles come in holiday cheer and winter solstice, holiday cheer, enlightenment, terra, fall equinox, chamomile, vanilla, new beginnings, peace, venua, mango peach, peppermint, energy, housewarming, journey, love, romance, eros, healing, meditation, pine, coconut, cinnamon bark tea tre, equinox, frank/myrrh, ginger lily, jasmine, lavendar blossom, lavendar rosewood, lavendar sage, lemongrass eucalyptus, lily of the valley, mints, nag champa, opium, palo santo cedar, patchouli, patchouli neroli, pink lotus, pomberry champa, rosemary sage, sandalwood cedar, sandal patchouli, shaman sage, sweetgrass sage, tangerine blood orange, zen, sacred spirit and relax scents.

Material: Glass and wood

Dimensions: 2.75 diameter X 4.75 inches tall


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