Traditional Danish Style Pointed Taper Candles

$ 1.50

These fine taper candles are hand dipped in traditional techniques. Created with a blend of beeswax and other fine waxes, these taper candles will have a long and clean burn. These traditional taper candles are available in a rainbow of hues as well as varying lengths. 

These tapers come as a pair. Buy one pair of multiple to create a bright and warm centerpiece of dining room table decor. 

Wax Type: Beeswax Blend

Burn Time:

  • 6 inches - 4.5 hour burn time 
  • 9 inches - 7.5 hour burn time 
  • 13 inches - 10.5 hour burn time 
  • 17 inches - 14 hour burn time 

Dimensions: 7/8 diameter X 6 inches tall, 7/8 diameter X 9 inches tall, 7/8 diameter X 13 inches tall, 7/8 diameter X 17 inches tall