Ultimate Drip Candle Bundle

$ 52.95

Drip candles are a great way to relax in the evening! Watch as each drip candle burns down quickly and creates colorful wax drips. Our modern art drips, rainbow drip candles and Rasta drip candles are handmade in Woodstock, NY. 

This drip candle bundle includes:

  • 25 Assorted Color Drip Candles
  • 5 Modern Art Drip Candles 
  • 5 Rainbow Drip Candles 
  • 4 Rasta Drip Candles
  • 1 Drip Candle Bottle 

Each drip candle burns down in 20 mins or less. Each drip candle will burn down very quickly and create wax drips. Please Do Not burn unattended or without a proper surface to burn on. 

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