Zodiac Mini Gemstone Collection

$ 9.95

Get the perfect crystals for you or your loved one with this wonderful zodiac gemstone collection. Each zodiac sign is paired with corresponding crystals and colors - each in it's own decorative box. The inner box cover describes crystal properties and back cover describes zodiac sign attributes.

Aquarius - Clear Quartz & Amethyst 
Aries - Clear Quartz & Hematite 
Pisces-Clear Quartz & Lapis
Taurus - Clear Quartz & Rose Quartz
Gemini - Clear Quartz & Citrine
Cancer - Clear Quartz & Lepidolite
Leo - Clear Quartz & Carnelian 
Virgo - Clear Quartz & Jasper 
Libra - Clear Quartz & Bloodstone
Scorpio - Clear Quartz & Ruby in Zoisite 
Sagittarius - Clear Quartz & Sodalite
Capricorn - Clear Quartz & Tiger Eye

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