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Home Of The Drip Candle Moutnain

"The Drip Mountain"

Step into a world of wonder as you explore Candlestock's legendary Drip Candle Mountain, a majestic spectacle that has captivated visitors since 1969. Standing tall at eight feet, this unique masterpiece of wax artistry is a testament to time, tradition, and the enduring spirit of our store. Come, be immersed in its mesmerizing beauty and let the flickering candlelight transport you to a realm of pure magic.

From the people
From the people
Candlestock is amazing! So many unique candles, including a cereal candle that looks and smells like cereal and milk bottle candles. Candle Mountain is amazing as well. A must visit.
— Jacquelyn
From the people
Absolutely phenomenal spot! Got the best gift for my partner’s parents and the staff are so nice, definitely the prime spot for all of your candle and candle-adjacent needs. :)
— Jason

Customer Favorites

Wind Spinners

These hanging pieces are intricately made by hand in a small community in Thailand

Healing Candle

Indulge in the calming and restorative aroma of our Healing Scented Jar Candle.

Beeswax Morels

Inspired by the enchanting beauty of our beautiful Catskill Mountain region


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Woodstock, New York

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