One single drip candle, one bottle and a coffee table. Three simple ingredients in 1969 that would create something larger than life. 

The Drip Candle Mountain began on a coffee table in the original owner's home in 1969. When Candlestock opened its doors, the owners cut the legs off the table and carried, their then humble wax creation, into the small shop. They continued to add to it, candle by candle, from that time on. 

Now, in 2019, the drip candle creation, made entirely of wax, stands in the center of the shop, well over 6ft tall. We are happily celebrating its 50th anniversary. 

While it might seem like a pile of wax to some, it is so much more than that. 

Customers often share their fond memories of the mountain. They tell of bringing their loved ones, then small children, to the mountain to see it for the first time. Some had the pleasure of adding a candle to it. Others chat about how they watched it move from one location in the store to the next, all while it grew in size. So, to many, The Mountain is a piece of history that they were lucky to be a part of. It is a towering piece of nostalgia that they get to enjoy and share with others. 

Discover a new hobby in creating your own wax drip creation. 


July 01, 2019 — Maisy Bogue