Rescued Wine Signature Scented Jar Candles

$ 30.00


Looking for a unique gift for someone who loves animals and wine? Check out these delightful pure soy wax candles, made from recycled wine glasses! With every purchase, a portion of the sale goes towards helping animal rescues nationwide. These rescued wine candles are crafted from recycled wine bottles and contain 100% natural soy wax sourced from USA-grown soy plants. Each hand-poured candle is infused with the scent of wine, creating a heavenly aroma that's sure to please. (And no corks to deal with!)

The pet candle has calming and refreshing melody of clean herbs and fresh grass, with a citrus finish. This candle neutralizes pet odor and assists in relaxing your pets.

Wax Type: Soy

 Burn Time: 80 Hours

Material: Glass

Dimensions: 3 diameter X 4 inches tall