Amethyst Geode Planter

$ 45.95

This beautiful amethyst geode planter is a perfect housewarming gift or home accent for your small plants. Our stunning planters can be used in a variety of ways - from air plant holders to succulent pots, candle holders, jewelry pots, and cute cups for small items.

Healing properties: This amethyst crystal planter is a stone of transformation, healing and cleansing. It's believed to have stability, calmness, and intuition properties, increase clarity of mind and facilitate decision making. It's also a natural stress reliever and one of the ideal stones for meditation, as its energy helps activate the mind and facilitates self-reflection.

Dimensions: 2.20W X 2.20H inches

Features: • A mix of raw and hand-crushed polished crystals • Concrete color - light grey • Drainage hole

Each of our planters is handmade, and due to the natural variations in crystals and concrete shading, the size and appearance of each planter may vary slightly. You can expect a unique planter that won't be exactly the same as the one in the photos, making it a truly one-of-a-kind piece.