Real Bayberry Beeswax Tea Light Candle Packs

$ 11.50

Burn this handmade bayberry and beeswax blended tea light candle for a lucky and prosperous home. Each tea light candle is hand poured in Woodstock, NY by our candle makers and will burn long, bright and pure. 

These tea light candles are sold in packs of 6. 

Each Candlestock bayberry and beeswax blended tea light candle is lovingly handmade in Woodstock, NY.

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Approximate Burn Time: 3 Hours

Wax Type: Bayberry and Beeswax

Wick Type: Cotton

Dimensions: 1 inch diameter X .5 inches tall 

* Please note that we do not add any fragrance to our bayberry candles. They are made with real bayberry wax and beeswax so will have a very nice subtle smell.