Bayberry Wax And Beeswax Traditional Votive Candle Pack - 5 or 10

$ 21.95

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Experience the authentic aroma of bayberry and beeswax blended together for an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the long burning, bright, and clean votive candles of the Bayberry Wax And Beeswax Traditional Votive Candle Pack, available in both 5 and 10 packs. Handmade by Candlestock's experts, these all-natural votives are sure to fill your home with a warm glow.

We do not add any fragrance to our bayberry blended candles. The scent of the candle is the natural scent of beeswax and bayberry which is very subtle. 

With a 10 pack you will receieve two five pack boxes. 

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Approximate Burn Time Per Votive Candle: 10 Hours

Wax Type: Bayberry and Beeswax

Wick Type: Cotton

Dimension Per Votive Candle: 1 diameter X 2 inches tall