Beeswax Advent Candles

$ 21.95

Experience the true essence of the Advent season with our 100% Natural Handmade Advent Candles, meticulously crafted in Woodstock, NY. This exquisite set includes three serene purple candles and one joyful pink candle, all made from pure USA beeswax, ensuring a clean, environmentally friendly burn. Nestled in a beautifully designed decorative box, these candles not only enhance your Advent traditions but also make a delightful gift. With their slow, even burn and symbolic colors, these candles provide the perfect ambiance for your holiday preparations.

Embrace the spirit of the season and illuminate your journey to Christmas with the warmth, tradition, and eco-consciousness of our handmade Advent candles. Order yours now and kindle the magic of the season.

Please be aware that although we strive for color accuracy, achieving perfect shades of pink and purple can be challenging due to the natural yellow tint of beeswax. Kindly anticipate some variations in these hues and appreciate the unique beauty of each candle.

Dimenisons: 7/8" X 10H inch taper candles

Materials: 100% Beeswax & Cotton Wick