Beeswax Coil Candle

$ 51.95


These beeswax candles have a rich history that make them that much more unique. Known as Courtship Candles, these were used by farmers when their daughter was in courtship. The farmer would pull a length of coiled beeswax through the metal clip. The longer amount of wax pulled through, the longer the young couple had together. Once the coil burned down to the clamp, the boy would have to leave. 

When the wax is warm, gently uncoil it and thread however much you would like to burn at that time. Once it reaches the clamp, the wick with extinguish itself. 

These unique candles have replaceable coils. So do not worry when the coil reaches the end, you can order a brand new coil to replace it!

Wax Type: Beeswax 

Burn Time: 

  • Beehive - 160 Hours
  • Horizontal - 80 Hours
  • Vertical - 80 Hours
  • Round - 60 Hours
  • Christmas Tree - 80 Hours
  • Snowman - 100 Hours