Scented Candle Can

$ 28.00


CandleCan is a true burning delicacy, humbly served in a simple can. It’s made from natural vegetable wax, spiced with subtle scents, handmade with chef-like care and packed for a five-star experience.

A delight to see and to smell. Five-star table ready. Pull the tab to get that ever-so-satisfying feeling that comes with removing the lid. 

Available in a variety of styles 

  • Blackberry - Looks like blackberries, smells like cinnamon
  • Beans - Mint Scented
  • Salmon - Looks fishy but smells like orange
  • Cherry - Fruity Cherry Scent 
  • Egg - Vanilla Scented
  • Chocolate  Bar - Chocolate Scented
  • Peeled Tangerines - Tangerine Scented
  • Strawberry - Ripe Strawberry Scented
  • Coffee - Coffee Bean Scented

You wish you could eat, but please don't. Indulge in aromas. Don't limit yourself to the kitchen, bring CandleCan into your bedroom or bathroom!

Burn Time: Approximately 30 Hours