Beeswax Sitting Buddha Candle

$ 19.95

Bring zen into your home decor with this handmade beeswax Buddha candle that will have a wonderfully long and clean burn. Add this adorable happy beeswax Buddha candle to any side table, coffee table or mantel and delight in its warmth and light. 

Candlestock candles are lovingly handmade in Woodstock, NY.

A white film, or bloom, may appear on your beeswax candle. This is 100% natural and is just a sign that the beeswax we use is pure and of the finest quality. You can simply wipe it away if desired. The bloom can be seen in the item photography. 

Wax Type: Beeswax

Wick Type: Cotton

Dimensions: 4L X 2.5W X 4H inches