Goblet Luminary Candles

$ 10.50


These elegant candles will fill your home with a warm glow as they burn for hours. Each candle is filled with white wax inside of a colored wax bowl. As the center white wax burns down, the outer colored wax will glow acting as a luminary. Add them to any dining room table, kitchen table, bedroom or living room and enjoy the warmth and light they bring. These candles come in multiple sizes and colors. 

When burning this candle for the first time, burn the inner white wax portion of the candle until it reaches the outer colored bowl and then put out the flame. Wait until the center white pool of wax has cooled, and then light again. This will insure that the candle will burn down the center and leave the colored outer bowl intact to glow bright. 

Burn Time: 

3X3: 24 Hours

4X4: 40 Hours

6X6: 60 Hours

Dimensions: 3 diameter X 3 inches tall, 4 diameter X 4 inches tall, 6 diameter X 6 inches tall