Hand Thrown Ceramic Pillar Candle Holder

$ 26.95


These hand-thrown pottery pillar candle holders exude a rustic, natural charm that will add warmth and character to any room. 

These holders come in two different sizes, allowing you to create a visually interesting and dynamic display with candles of varying heights. Each holder has a sturdy, wide base that provides stability and ensures the candle stays securely in place.

The surface of each holder is finished with a subtle glaze that enhances the natural beauty of the clay and adds a touch of shine to the overall look. The glaze comes in a neutral color that will complement any decor style, making these candle holders a versatile addition to your home.

With their timeless, handmade aesthetic, these pottery pillar candle holders are not only functional but also decorative. They will make a statement on a mantel, dining table, or any other surface where you want to create a cozy, inviting ambiance. 

Holders sold separately by size

Dimensions: Small - 4L X 6.25H inches; Large - 4.25L X 8.5H inches

Materials: Ceramic