Large Inlay Pillar Candle

$ 85.95


These gorgeous pillar candles are handmade in California. Each candle is lovingly hand crafted with stunning inlay designs. The designs seen on these large pillar candles will never burn away. As the center wax column burns down, the outer wax designs will glow beautifully. 

When burning your inlay pillar candle, burn the cream colored center wax until the wax pool is to the outer ring of wax which can appear dark green, light green or black. Do not burn past the outer ring, this will cause the design work to melt away. However, burning the candle for too short of a time will cause the well to be too shallow which will negatively effect the burn time of your pillar candle. After burning down the center column of cream colored wax, the outer design shell of wax can be refilled and the burning process can begin again!

These candles come in partridge, poppy, holly, oak, dragonfly, hibiscus, lotus, butterfly orchid, hummingbird, swallow, plum, deer, pinecones, peony bird and pine bush.

Photos that show two or three candles are capturing the design that wraps around that particular candle. Each candle is sold individually and not as a set or pair. 

Dimensions: 4 diameter X 8.75 inches tall