KOBO Plant Box Scented Jar Candle

$ 28.95

These candles will fill your home with a natural aroma and your garden with a new beautiful plant. Each pure soy wax candle comes in clear glass jar packaged in a lightweight paper box. Simply take out the jar candle and then plant the box in your garden. Enjoy the long and pure burn of the soy wax scented candle and watch as your new plant grows. 

The plant that grows is determined by the scent of the candle. The plant type and scents available are fresh cut grass, siam poppy, somerset thyme, catalan calendula, sweet sunflower, wild tomato, crushed mint and lavender.

Wax Type: Soy

Material: Glass

Dimensions: 3.25L X 3.25W X 3.25H inches

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