KOBO Woodblock Soy Wax Scented Jar Candles - 15 Ounces

$ 45.00


Enjoy the long and pure burn from these pure soy wax scented jar candles. Each of these candles will fill your home with a rich and soothing aroma. The soy wax is poured into an amber colored glass jar that will have a warm glow as the candle burns. Each candle comes in box packaging that includes a matchbook and an extinguishing lid. The scents available are hashish, bourbon, stoneflower, silk road spice, modena leather and bamboo mint. 


Hashish: Armoise, cedar-wood and moss

Bourbon: Aged oak, sandalwood and malted violet

Stoneflower: Jasmine petals, lavender and amber

Silk Road Spice: Vetiver, tonka, clove and lavender

Modena Leather: Leather and more leather

Bamboo Mint: Moso bamboo, mint and apple

Renaissance Man: Bitter orange, neroli, tonka bean

Dark Cassis: Ripe blackberries, musk, cassis

Wax Type: Soy

Dimensions: 4L X 4W X 5.5H inches