Modern Art Drip Candle

$ 1.95

Find the perfect candle to start your very own drip candle mountain! Or add on to your existing creation with this quick burning drip candle. Each drip candle is designed to burn fast and completely burn down with a waterfall of wax drips. With a burn time of around 20-30 minutes, these candles will burn fast so please be attentive when burning.

With this purchase you will receive one single modern art drip candle. Our modern art drip candles are handmade by us making each unique. The color pattern you receive may differ from the item photographed. We also make the modern art drip candles in shades of blue, purples and reds. Please contact us if you would like a specific color pattern.

The wick of each drip candle is off center specifically to cause dripping as the candle burns.

Simply place the drip candle into a wine bottle or other candle holder and watch as it covers the holder in colorful drips.

Burn Time: Approximately 20-30 minutes

Dimensions: 3/4 diameter X 6 inches tall

Weight: 1.5 oz per candle


Wick type: Cotton

Wax type: Paraffin