Painted Veneer Pillar Candle - "Imagine all the people living life in peace." - Lennon 4X4

$ 34.95

Bring a piece of locally made art work to your home decor with this handmade and hand painted veneer pillar candle. This pillar candle is painted with a bright red background and white script font that reds "Imagine all the people living in peace." - John Lennon. A silhouette of Lennon is also painted delicately in white. As this candle burns down the veneer and outer design will remain and glow bright. 

Candlestock candles are lovingly handmade in Woodstock, NY.

Each candle is unique and produced by hand, and may vary slightly from the product photo. Enjoy your Candlestock experience!

Dimensions: 4 diameter X 4 inches tall