Classic Round Top Taper Candle

$ 4.95

These taper candle pairs are a classic round top style. Each pair is the traditional 7/8 inch diameter. These taper candle pairs will have a long and bright burn. Available in a variety of lengths and vibrant colors, these candles will make a warm centerpiece in any home. These candles are sold by the pair and are attached at the wick. Simply cut the wick and enjoy their long and bright burn. 

The colors available are white, black, burgundy, caribbean, chestnut brown, cobalt blue, dusty rose, emerald green, harvest gold, hunter green, lavender, lime green, misty green, off white, plum purple, red, slate grey, sun yellow, sunspot orange and terracotta. 

The holders shown in the picture are sold separately. You can find the taper candle holders here! 

Dimensions: 7/8 diameter X 6 inches tall, 7/8 diameter X 8 inches tall, 7/8 diameter X 10 inches tall, 7/8 diameter X 12 inches tall