Super Drip Candle Starter Set - 60 Drip Candle Set

$ 79.95

Find the perfect way to start your own drip candle creation with this super drip candle starter set that consists of 60 assorted colored drip candles and a drip candle bottle, color chosen at random. Each drip candle is designed to burn fast and completely burn down with a waterfall of wax drips. With a burn time of around 20-30 minutes, these candles will burn fast so please be attentive when burning.

With this purchase you will receive a pack of 60 drip candles and a drip candle bottle.

The wick of each drip candle is off center specifically to cause dripping as the candle burns.

Simply place the drip candle into a wine bottle or other candle holder and watch as it covers the holder in drips.

For Each Individual Drip Candle:

Burn Time: Approximately 20-30 minutes

Dimensions: 3/4 diameter X 6 inches tall

Weight: 1.5 oz per candle


Wick type: Cotton

Wax type: Paraffin