Woodstock Wax Scented Candle Can

$ 19.95

Enjoy the aromas of Woodstock with our brand new scented can collection. Our cans are inspired by Woodstock and the Catskill mountains and are hand made and designed by our talented team of candles makers here in Woodstock, NY.

Sold individually or in a four pack. The four packs has one Woodstock night out, one magic meadow moonlight, one catskill mountain morning and one hanging with the hippies. 

These "beer" cans come sealed with lids that pop right off.

Available Scents- 

  • Camping In The Catskills - Made with soy wax and citronella essential oils.
  • Magic Meadow Moonlight - Soy wax scented candle made with honeysuckle, cedar wood and fir essential oils
  • Woodstock Night Out - Margarita scented soy wax candle made with lemon and lime essential oils.
  • Catskill Mountain Morning - Coffee scented soy wax candle made with natural fragrances
  • Hanging With The Hippies - Soy Wax Candle scented with natural hemp fragrance, and cedarwood and fir essential oils

Wax Type: Soy Wax 


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